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Retrofit / Plant modernization

Modernization and expansion of your plants

It does not always have to be a new purchase: With a retrofit, i.e. a modernization of the system, we bring older systems back up to date! More performance, lower costs: Retrofit has many advantages. With decades of experience, we implement the modernization or expansion of your system - and thus help you to save money, time and resources.

A retrofit is understood to mean various measures that all contribute to making your system more efficient and powerful again: We upgrade automation technology, replace individual modules, use frequency converters for more energy efficiency - and much more. You can save costs by increasing productivity. A retrofit is therefore often cheaper than purchasing a similar system.

With retrofit to more efficiency

With new drive systems you increase productivity, ensure system availability and even save energy costs. These new technologies expand the functionality of your machine or system. A drive modernization can therefore pay for itself after a short time. Our experienced service experts are at your side with advice and action - so you are not on your own in any phase of the product life cycle.

A special focus is also on the energy efficiency of the system. We examine which options can contribute to energy savings and implement these measures. This is important, for example, when it comes to complying with legal requirements, for example with regard to emissions.

For a profitable integration of new components, we offer:

  • Analysis of the installed drive technology and application solutions
  • Drive design according to your requirements based on the latest technology
  • Disassembly of the old and assembly of the new components
  • Provision of documents according to requirements
  • Installation
  • Production support

Your benefits from retrofitting:

  • Lower investment costs than with a new purchase
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Increase productivity and quality
  • Reduction of operating costs through higher efficiency and ease of maintenance
  • Ensuring the availability of spare parts
  • No new approval process required
  • Tailor-made solutions through the professional provision of components and devices for your individual application
Now bring your system up to date - and benefit from the advantages.


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