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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine VFFS

We supply Vertical Form Fill Seal machines (VFFS) for a wide variety of applications and products.
The following bag shapes are possible:

  • flat bags, flat bags with euro hole, flat bag with hanging hole, flat bag with side gusset
  • stand-up bag, stand-up bag with edge sealing, stand-up bag with a handle hole
  • other bag shapes on request

Advantages at a glance:

  • Siemens PLC
  • Siemens Touchpanel
  • Program memory
  • Seal unit with servo drive
  • Servo-driven film transport
  • Double feed possible
  • Sick eye mark sensor
  • Quickly changing one-piece bag former

Inquire the VFFS Machine now

Air flushing system, Nitrogen gas flushing, Gusset device, Air expeller, Hole punch device, Tear notch device, Material stopper, Safety device, Bag support, PE sealing System, Vacuum device, Flip device, Static eliminator, 4 lines folding device, Film tracking device, Special sealing jaws

Technical data

* Actual packing speed is depend on bag size, film material and the speed of joined filling equipments
  BX-400 BX-500 BX-620 BX-800
Film width max. 400mm 500mm 620mm 800mm
Bag width 60-190mm 80-240mm 110-300mm 160-390mm
Bag length 50-230mm 50-300mm 50-380mm 100-480mm
Packing speed max. 100/min max. 100/min max. 100/min max. 100/min
Power supply 230V, 50Hz, 3,5kW 400V, 50Hz, 4kW 400V, 50Hz, 4,5kW 400V, 50Hz, 5,0kW
Air consumption 0,2m³ / min, 0,6MPa 0,2m³ / min, 0,6MPa 0,2m³ / min, 0,6MPa 0,2m³ / min, 0,6MPa
Dimensions 1300x960x1150mm 1550x1160x1480mm 1600x1260x1680mm 1680x1400x1850mm

Other models such as pneumatic seal unit on request