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Videojet 6230

The Videojet 6230 is a low-speed thermotransferprinter.

It uses the latest technology to reduce labeling errors on flexible packaging and reduce total cost of ownership through a proven and cost-effective solution.

The 6230 thermotransferprinter is easy to use thanks to its intuitive, tablet-like controller with 5-inch touchscreen and the CLARiTY ™ user interface. Easy Ribbon Guidance favors fast ribbon changes and more efficient operations.

Due to the templates created with CLARiSOFT ™ and VideojetConnect Design Software, code quality assurance is standard on the 6230 thermotransferprinter. These simple tagging tools reduce the number of user intervention required, and thus the number of user errors and unnecessary waste and rework.

The Videojet 6230 can be equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity * and controlled by Android ** smartphones. This simplifies operator interaction with the printer and the production line.

In addition to the features available, the 6230 offers high-quality markings at speeds up to 150 packages per minute, making it an ideal solution for users looking to convert from analog devices such as hot stamping and rolling encoders into a digital solution want to change.

Printer mode Intermittent and continuous printing

  • Print interval: 0.5 mm
  • Max ribbon length: maximum 700 m
  • ribbon bandwidth Min: 20 mm Max: 33 mm

Continuous mode:

  • Maximum printing area (width x length): 32 mm x 100 mm
  • Maximum printing speed: 500 mm / sec
  • Minimum printing speed: 40 mm / sec.

Intermittent mode:

  • Maximum print area (width x length): 32 x 47 mm
  • Maximum print speed: 300 mm / sec
  • Minimum print speed: 50 mm / sec.
  • Barcode printing: EAN8, EAN13, UPCA, UPCE and QR Codes
  • Estimated Maximum Throughput (Single-Line Markers, Continuous Mode): 150 Packs / min.
  • Standard User Interface: CLARiTY ™ 5-inch Color QVGA CSTN LCD and Touch Screen (800 x 480 Pixels)
  • Master / Follower Function (Control up to four printers from a single user interface)
  • Control up to four Videojet 6230 printers from a single CLARiTY ™ controller
  • Standard communication: USB storage device, Ethernet, RS232, ASCII and Binary communication
  • Bluetooth connection: The correct function can only be guaranteed with the VideoJet recommended Bluetooth USB adapter.


Easy to use

  • Easy-to-replace ribbon cartridge with snap-lock allows quick and easy ink ribbon replacement
  • Intuitive, tablet-like 5-inch touchscreen controller and CLARiTY ™ user interface used with other Videojet printers

Adapt to individual production needs

  • Printer needs no compressed air
  • Provides high quality Labeling at speeds of up to 150 packs / minute
  • Printer design for intermittent or continuous printing
  • Compact design for easy integration into most production lines

Productivity - from now on of course

  • Precise ribbon control with bi-directional stepper motors minimizes label overuse and reduces ribbon consumption
  • A ribbon length of up to 700m requires less Change as with hot stamping or other competing thermal transfer systems
  • Guidance favors fast ribbon changes and more efficient operations
  • Bluetooth® * connectivity allows operators to control the printer with an Android smartphone **

Quality assurance of labels

  • WYSIWYG print preview allows operators to confirm the selection of the correct label
  • Integrated labeling quality assurance software reduces operator error and thus unnecessary waste and Rework
  • Real-time Timestamps Prevents Date-Date Errors
  • Perform simple tagging with VideojetConnect ™ Design or CLARiSOFT ™ software