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Linear weigher

with 2 or 4 heads

Linear weigher are the inexpensive alternative to our multihead weigher

Our linear scales are characterized by high speed, accuracy and an excellent price / performance ratio.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Almost completely stainless steel scales, only the weighing inserts are made of anodized aluminum
  • Product bunker with approx. 30 L volume
  • Short machine with 1 gutter per weighing head (150mm wide), therefore less segregation and dust development.
  • Weighing range adjustable from 25 to 3000 grams (in steps of 0.1 grams).
  • Weighing container with a volume of +/- 3.0 liters.
  • The weighing container is opened using stepper motors, so no compressed air is required.
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of VA 304
  • Dust enclosure by means of Lexan protective hood
  • Capacity up to 80 cycles per minute, heavily dependent on the product, set weight and desired accuracy.
  • Menu-driven operation with, among other things:
    Memory for 20 programs
    Color display 120 x 90mm
  • German operating instructions and German language on the screen
  • Automatic taring of the weighing containers during production.
  • Synchro signals to the packaging system.
  • Sensor in the bunker for monitoring the fill level

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Technical data

(Weighings per minute)
HT-L2 2 3.000 4,0 30
HT-L2XL 2 12.000 15 15
HT-L4S 4 300 0,5 40
HT-L4 4 1.000 3,0 80
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