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USG340 - the classic one for titmouse seed dumplings (fat balls)

The USG340 is still the most sophisticated and efficient machine to pack for example titmouse seed dumplings into extruded LDPE net material. With sufficient infeed supply a capacity of more than 70 bags / minute is reached easily.

The net is pulled off the tube by the rotating net collector, while the net with the product inside is closed by a short ultrasonic sealing pulse. Simultaneously the next charge drops down on to the then closed net collector. The net is gathered pneumatically by means of special net collecting fingers. As soon as the net is gathered completely a short ultrasonic pulse closes the net. At the same time a separate controlled knife is cutting the net material between the two adjacent sealing joints.

A three-phase motor, speed controlled by a frequency inverter, drives the net collector with two different speeds. During the pull off and sealing of the net the speed is smaller than when the opened collector runs upwards. By this the seal time can be extended for different material without lowering the overall capacity of the machine. The length of the net and the call-off signal is adjustable throughout the electronics. This enables a quick and optimum adjustment of the machine to the product packed.

Advantages at a glance:

  •     highest availability on small ground space
  •     more than 70 bags / minute
  •     robust and compact construction
  •     all functions are PLC controlled
  •     operating and controlling of the machine by a sophisticated touchpanel
  •     special executions possible

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USG340 - fat balls in net

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