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Industrial automation from HeickTech - fit for the future

Digitalisation and automation have long since found their way into industrial production. The central computer-based control of production facilities promises efficiency gains and a reduction in running costs. Companies of all sizes can implement industrial automation technology and benefit from it. Those who invest now will make their own company fit for the future. Because it is already foreseeable today that networked, automated technology will prevail in more and more branches of industry and will be the basis for the great technological leaps of the coming years and decades. 

HeickTech is your partner for industrial automation. We modernise your existing production systems, implement plant automation at a later date and thus advance the automation of production in your company. It goes without saying that we work closely with you and your employees so that production automation can take place without any significant interruption to ongoing production. We pay special attention to safety: both digital and analogue on production machines and assembly lines.

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Production and automation: lower costs, higher efficiency

Above all, industrial automation means a significant gain in efficiency. Not only does industrial automation reduce the running costs for production in the medium and long term by transferring work steps that could previously only be performed by humans to machines. Above all, the automation of many routine tasks reduces the number of errors that occur. This is because it is precisely in repetitive tasks that humans tire and become careless that plant automation shows its strength. 

The more uniform a task is, the better it can be automated. Accordingly, industrial automation is, on principle, directed from the outset at precisely those areas of production that are error-prone and therefore inefficient.

At HeickTech, we develop individual production automations for the sequences that are particularly error-prone in your manufacturing processes. This means that the automation of production pays for itself more quickly. Of course, we keep an eye on the complete automation project right from the start. 

We also integrate processes that at first glance appear less important or are already very efficient into industrial automation. Because applying industrial automation to isolated production lines can only be a first step. Ultimately, it is a matter of understanding the entire production process as integrated industrial automation.

Integrated soft- and hardware

Traditionally, industrial production has been concentrated on tangible equipment: heavy manufacturing machines, assembly benches and moulds. Industrial automation does not change this. And yet software is gaining in importance with plant automation. Not only are many machines then operated by PC or tablet, but above all interfaces are emerging that enable production to be linked to software that is not directly coupled to the plant. Especially in industries that produce exclusively to order, this means an enormous reduction in friction losses. 

Production orders are automatically passed on from merchandise management to the production hall: without intermediate steps, quickly and without errors. This integration of the different business areas speeds up production and makes your company more competitive. Conversely, industrial automation also makes it possible to trigger direct feedback from production to accounting and order processing. Unexpected bottlenecks in parts or raw materials no longer occur as a result. This is because delays in feedback are reduced to a minimum.

Ready for Industry 4.0 and IOT

Industrial automation also makes your company fit for the developments around the Internet of Things (IOT) and Industry 4.0. By starting to digitise and automate your production facilities now, you are preparing to integrate the facilities with additional devices and technologies in the future. It is already possible to hand over process control and regulation systems almost completely to the control of artificially intelligent systems. 

In the future, the possibilities in this regard will continue to develop, become more diverse and will also be used in smaller, specialised companies. So driving industrial automation forward now means investing in the future. Industrial automation technology lays the foundation today for further technology-induced increases in efficiency and production in the years to come.

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High security

Industrial automation always means integrating production facilities with other IT systems. For us, therefore, when implementing production automation projects, the focus is naturally also on the security of the systems right from the start. Cyberattacks and hacker attacks will increasingly become a risk factor for production and automation in the coming years. By ensuring from the outset that production systems are largely isolated and can only be accessed externally via clearly defined, single-purpose interfaces when automating production, we guarantee high security standards.

In the same way, when we set up industrial automation technology, we naturally ensure that the safety of your employees remains guaranteed on site. Automated production lines and machines also continue to meet all current and legally prescribed safety standards.

Are you still undecided whether industrial automation technology is the right decision for you and your company right now? Feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or directly via our contact form here on the website. We will be happy to advise you on all your questions regarding industrial automation, plant automation, production and automation. Transparent and open communication is our focus right from the start. We explain clearly what possibilities are available to you and what opportunities but also costs are involved. We look forward to getting to know you and your company.

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